Project Info

Biodegradation of the Organic textile dye by using Microbial Fuel Cell (MFC).

Title of the proposed R&D Project: Biodegradation of the Organic textile dye by using Microbial Fuel Cell (MFC).

Name and Designation of the project Leader and associates: Project Leader : Reaz M Mazumdar (SO) Project Associates: Moniruzzaman (SO), Rehana Akter (SO), Rownock Afruza (SO), Mamudul Hasan Razu (SO).

Objectives : Electricity generation by MFC technique using textile dyes.

Socio-Economic: Environment pollution is a burning issue due to impact on public health.

Importance of the project: Water pollution, groundwater contamination, polluted solid wastes are the main environmental pollutions of Bangladesh. The dumping of  toxic
environmental discharges from mostly industries pollute both surface and ground water sources. One of the most contributing industries for water
pollution are dyeing and textile. Disposal or remediation of industrial effluents is a burning issue of the industrial sector especially for textile
industry to protect the environment from hazardous chemicals. Currently, the primary technologies for industrial wastewater treatment are based on
chemical, physical and biological methods which are costly and Power consuming. Industries are often not interested to operate the effluent
treatment plants due to this high cost.

While microbial fuel cell is considered as a novel technology for wastewater treatment and energy resource, because it is based on electrochemically active microorganisms that grow by oxidizing the biodegradable material to carbon dioxide and protons, meanwhile transferring the electrons to a solid electrode. The electrons then flow
through a resistor to a cathode, at which the electron acceptor is reduced. A Microbial Fuel Cell (MFC) creates electrical current and an off-gas
containing mainly carbon dioxide. It is important that cost-effective processes be developed that can convert the contaminant loads in
industrial wastewater to useable forms of energy and MFCs can serve the purpose converting the organic Dyes inherent in the wastewater treatment
to power. Simultaneous energy generation and bioremediation of hazardous waste water by MFC may be the appropriate green technology
for a developing country like Bangladesh to save the environment.

Project current status: Completed.