Project Info

Preparation of Bacteriophage Spray as an Alternative of Antibiotic for Poultry Industry.

Title of the proposed R & D project: Preparation of Bacteriophage Spray as an Alternative of Antibiotic for Poultry Industry.

Name and designation of Project Leader & Research Associates: Project Leader: Rana Karmakar, SO Project Associates: Rownock Afruza, SO; Iffat Jahan, SO; Masud Parvez, SO

Aims and Objectives: To reduce the economic loss of poultry industry due to bacterial infection. To prevent rapidly growing antibiotic resistance. To formulate food supplement for poultry chicken.

Socio economic significance of the proposed project: Poultry industry plays a very important role to our national economy. This industry is burgeoning day by day due to the demand of its product specially chicken. Poultry chicken is one of the most frequently consumed food nowadays. So it is very much necessary to keep this food safe and healthy. To accomplish the target of safe and healthy food the poultry businessman manipulates many devastating ways. Among these the mostly explored malpractices are mixing antibiotics to the food of chicken. Eating these adulterated food causes subsequent antibiotic resistance to the chicken which is in turn passed on to the consumers. That’s how this malpractice accelerates the growing antibiotic resistance. To address this problem an alternative to the currently used drug is required. Bacteriophage, a natural predator of the bacteria can be an option. Bacteriophages are the bacteria eating or killing viruses. They replicates Inside bacteria and then lyse the bacterial cell. Using bacteriophages as a therapeutic agent, popularly known as phage therapy, is not a new idea. Long before the emergence of antibiotics it was the primary choice. Suddenly antibiotics emerged and it was easy to find new antibiotics to fight against bacterial infection those days. The present scenario is different, bacteria became resistant to the existing antibiotics for many reasons. Again finding a new antibiotic is very difficult and cumbersome. Approximately 300,000 crore taka is required to investigate, isolate and commercialize an antibiotic. It would be a burden for our government to spend this gigantic amount. Even if a new antibiotic is invented it could become useless because bacteria are consistently
changing their strategies to fight against antibiotic and these bacteria ultimately become resistant to the antibiotic. Though to resistance bacteriophage is also possible in case of bacteriophage, its rate is slower than that of antibiotic resistance. Even if bacteria gain resistance against the bacteriophages, this is not wasting huge amount of money because preparation of phage as therapeutic agent will require very small amount than isolating new antibiotics. Currently few countries such as Russia, Turkey are using bacteriophages as
therapeutic agent. Using bacteriophages against the bacterial infection in poultry chicken have the potential of reducing the health risk of poultry chicken. By doing so it can
also reduce the amount of economic loss caused by bacterial infection to poultry chicken each year.

Project current status: On going.