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Published in 2014

International Journal (3)

1.Effect of 2, 4-Dichlorophenoxy Acetic Acid on Nutrients and Heavy Metals Accumulation in Wheat (Triticum durum) Root,International Journal of Agriculture and Crop Science,
Mamudul Hasan Razu, Shahriar Zaman, Md. Abu Hasan, Milan Barai, Farzana Hossain,Reaz Mohammad Mazumdar and Mala Khan,

Published by vol. 7, no. 7, pp. 214-219, 2014

2.Comparative Studies on Physicochemical Properties and GC-MS Analysis of Essential Oil of Two Varieties of Allium sativum Linn (Garlic). Int. J.Pharm. Phytopharmacol
Shamsun Naher, Md. Mostak Ahmad, Shahin Aziz, S. M. Mahmudul Hassan, Mala Khan,Mirola Afroze,.

Published by vol. 4, no. 3, pp. 173-175, 2014

3.Assessment of Trans Fatty Acids in Bakery Biscuits Available in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Annals. Food Scienceand Technology
Mala Khan, Shakil Fakir, Shamima Akter Eti, Saiful Islam, Md. Moniruzzaman, MirolaAfroze, R M Mazumdar, Md Ashikur Rahman, Shamsun Naher.,

Published by , vol. 16, no. 1, pp. 90-97, 2015

National Conference (1)

4.Physico-chemical Analysis ofGround Water and Soil Near Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant, National Conference on Physics Research and Education in Bangladesh
M. I. Ali, M. O.Rahman, M. Khan and M. S. Akbar;

Published by , PP-09, 24-25 April 2015