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Published in 2009

1.Study on the Commercially Available Bottled Water in Bangladesh: General Survey Results, Inorganic Physico-chemical Quality and Related Issues
Khan, M., Anwar, KM. M., Chowdhury, HQ. Prof. Dr. S.Z. Haider (Editor)

Published by Bangladesh Academy of Sciences, Dhaka, Bangladesh, December 2008

2.Higher Education in Bangladesh: Prospects of Industries – Academia Interactions
Khan, M., Anwar, KM. M.

Published by The University of Asia Pacific (UAP) & PROTIPAALOCK Society for Culture & Science (PSCS), Dhaka, Bangladesh,December 2008

3.Vision 2021 To Achieve Acceptable Qualityin Chemical Measurements A Draft National Strategy for Developing ChemicalMetrology Infrastructure of Bangladesh (2009-2021)
Khan, M., Anwar, KM. M., Hossain, M.A.

Published by Instrumentation &Calibration Service Laboratory, Bangladesh Council of Scientific & Industrial Research(BCSIR), Ministry of Science and
ICT under the Special Allocation Project (Ref: SpecialAllocation Project of Ministry of Science and Information & Communication
Technology(No. MOSICT/ section-9/ Biaanuupra-22/2008- 2009/747(8), December 2009.