Designated Reference Institute for Chemical Measurements DRiCM has been established through an Office Order dated the 20th February 2012 by the Ministry of Science &Technology (MoST), Government of replica horloges Bangladesh under the authority entrusted to Bangladesh Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (BCSIR) vid. BCSIR Ordinance 1978 (Act No. V of 1978). Subsequently Her Excellency Sheikh Hasina, Honorable Prime Minister, The Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh inaugurate DRiCM on 10 June 2012 within the BCSIR premises having its state-of-the-art scientific facilities.

The status of DRiCM has been endorsed and notified by the Government of Bangladesh to Bureau International des Poids et Measures BIPM, Paris through the Bangladesh Embassy in Paris through a communication (Ref. dated 09.06 2012) from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of Bangladesh on 09 June 2012. DRiCM has been accepted by BIPM (vid BIPM letter dt10.10.2012) to be one of the BIPM CIPM MRA participants (See the List of BIPM CIPM MRA Participants http://www.bipm.orgien/ciprn-mra/participationisignatories.html).

After the successful inauguration of DRiCM in the very first year of its journey participating into the BIPM CIPM MRA and CCQM activities could be considered as one of the national milestones on the way towards building the national infrastructure for chemical metrology organization (RMO) as DRiCM received the 100% votes from all the participating members of APMP which is indeed an another national milestone to mark the Bangladesh's journey towards the science of chemical measurements.

DRiCM has been entrusted with the responsibility to coordinate, network, promote and materialize the partnership based decentralized and internationally recognized national chemical metrology infrastructure for Bangladesh to disseminate the Unbroken Chain of Traceability in Chemical Measurements towards the other national testing laboratories involved in chemical measurements including foods, water, environment and pharmaceuticals, clinical applications. As its regular activities DRiCM is responsible for conducting R&D in the "science of chemical measurements i.e. chemical metrology" so as to contribute to the body of the global scientific knowledge in the science of chemical measurements. DRiCM is mandated with the tasks of embodying the national chemical metrology infrastructure as DRiCM is positioned at the highest echelon to perform the functions of the designated reference institute (Dl) so as to represent Bangladesh to BIPM, APMP and other similar international metrology organizations specifically for Metrology in Chemistry (MiC).

DRiCM in turn entered into the worlds highest metrology communities as well as cooperating network among more than similar National Metrology Institutes and Designated Institutes.In this same period on 07 May 2013 the Asia Pacific Metrology Programme (APMP) also confirmed the full membership of DRiCM with this esteem regional metrology