Auto Titrator

    Purpose: It titrates automatically.

    Biochemistry Analyzer

    Purpose: The Biochemistry Analyzer is an instrument that uses the pale yellow supernatant portion (serum) of centrifuged blood sample or a urine sample, and induces reactions using reagents to measure various components, such as sugar, cholesterol.

    Bomb Calorimeter

    Purpose: A bomb calorimeter is a type of constant-volume calorimeter used in measuring the heat of combustion of a particular reaction. Bomb calorimeters have to withstand the large pressure within the calorimeter as the reaction is being measured

    CHNS Analyzer

    Purpose: CHN Analyzer is a scientific instrument which can determine the elemental concentrations in a given sample. It is used to measure Carbon (C), Hydrogen (H) and Nitrogen (N).

    Disintegration Tester

    Purpose: Tablet disintegration tester determines whether tablets or capsules disintegrate within a defined period of time when placed in a liquid medium.

    Dissolution Tester

    Purpose: In the pharmaceutical industry, drug dissolution testing is routinely used to provide critical in vitro drug release information for both quality control purposes, i.e., to assess batch-to-batch consistency of solid oral dosage forms such as tablets, and drug development, i.e., to predict in vivo drug release profiles.